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Pearson Unveils PTE Core English Exam Suite and Recognizes its Key Agents

  • 21 Mar 2024
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In the wake of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, hundreds of thousands of mostly young people are looking to migrate for employment, and seeking better opportunities abroad.

By the end of 2022, over 300,000 people had left the country, many of them professionals. These individuals are looking for greener pastures and a way to support their families.

Meanwhile, a key obstacle facing potential migrants is English language proficiency assessment, which is a key requirement for migration to popular destinations such as Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

Against this backdrop, Pearon’s PTE suit of English exams is helping to facilitate these young people as they seek to achieve their dreams on foreign shores. In fact, during 2023, over 3200 applications were made by Sri Lankans seeking Permant Residency status in Canada, with 84% receiving approval, highlighting the promising prospects for aspiring Sri Lankans.

Accordingly, Pearson, the global giant in educational services, recently hosted a special event to mark the launch of PTE Core to Sri Lanka, marking an important milestone for English language proficiency assessment in Sri Lanka. PTE Core is the latest addition to the Pearson Test of English (PTE) suite of exams, which opens doors for foreign study, employment and migration opportunities, particularly to Canada. Alongside the launch, a partner meet was also held for Pearson’s key agents and partners in Sri Lanka. During the event, which was held at Shangrila Colombo, officials from Pearson South Asia took the opportunity to highlight the valuable contributions of its Sri Lankan agents and celebrate their achievements.

A number of distinguished dignitaries and key stakeholders were present at the event, including the Counselor – Political and Trade – Canadian High Commission, Daneil Bood, and Ms. Premila Paulraj, Director of Employability and Qualifications at Pearson South Asia. Their participation served to highlight the potential of PTE Core in facilitating language proficiency to better harness opportunities for work and migration to Canada.

The event put the spotlight on the versatility and reliability of PTE Core, emphasizing its acceptance by the Canadian border agency. With its convenient format, fast results, and enhanced security, PTE Core is an ideal choice for individuals in Sri Lanka aspiring to work, or migrate to Canada. Pearson Test of English (PTE) scores open doors to 3,000+ universities, colleges, and professional bodies globally, and is also approved for all UK, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand visa and immigration categories. Furthermore, PTE’s endorsement by prestigious universities and institutions, including Oxford University, Harvard Business School, and Macquarie University, underscores its credibility and global recognition.

Ms. Premila Paulraj, Director of Employability and Qualifications at Pearson South Asia emphasized the relevance of PTE Core in today’s interconnected world saying, “I am proud to witness the launch of PTE Core. This innovative test not only aligns with Pearson’s commitment to providing accessible and reliable assessment solutions but also empowers individuals to pursue their academic and professional aspirations with confidence.”

The successful launch of PTE Core in Sri Lanka thus signifies a paradigm shift in English language proficiency assessment, offering individuals a conveniently accessible pathway to unlock diverse opportunities on the global stage.

For more information about PTE Core or the PTE English Exams Suite, or to become part of Pearson’s global network, visit PearsonPTE.com.

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