Home Market In a move to reduce lending rates Central Bank slashes statutory reserve ratio

In a move to reduce lending rates Central Bank slashes statutory reserve ratio

  • 09 Aug 2023
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The Central Bank (CB) in a major move to increase liquidity in the banking system and reduce lending rates has decided to drastically reduce the Statutory Reserve Ratio (SRR) by 200 basis points which would result in releasing around Rs 200 billion to the domestic money market.

The bank announced that Monetary Board at its meeting held on 8 August 2023, decided to reduce the SRR applicable on all rupee deposit liabilities of Licensed Commercial Banks (LCBs) by 200 basis points, from 4.00 per cent to 2.00 per cent, with effect from the reserve maintenance period commencing 16 August 2023.

This decision was taken with the view to inject liquidity to the banking system and further reduce market liquidity deficit on a permanent basis, in line with its current monetary policy stance, the Central Bank said

This reduction in the SRR is expected to release around Rs.200 billion of liquidity to the domestic money market, which would enable a further downward adjustment in the market lending rates as a result of the reduction in cost of funds of LCBs, thereby supporting the expansion in credit flows to the economy.

While LCBs are expected to pass the benefit of the SRR reduction to their customers without delay, the Central Bank will continue to monitor market developments, and take appropriate administrative measures, if required, to ensure faster reduction of market lending rates.

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